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One-on-One Sessions

Senior Pastors (mentors) will be partnered with women (mentees) called to five-fold ministry offices but who are not currently serving as senior leaders of congregants with the hopes of providing a spiritually, healthy and nurturing leader.  The sessions may be conducted via face-to-face, webcam, telephone or text messaging.  During this time, the mentor will assist the mentee with becoming a matured, spiritually empowered and equipped vessel in the face of the unique issues relative to women in Christian ministry.


Click here to download an application to become a mentee.



Our Executive Team has over fifty years of counseling experience and will provide personal counsel to women as requested or suggested.


Workshops / Clinics / Seminars

PreacherWoman will provide workshops to enhance the preaching and teaching ministry of our sisters in fellowship.  Classes will include but are not limited to, hermeneutics, homiletics, changing seasons of women in ministry, leading a ministry team, serving your pastor, maintaining integrity, personal finance, personal health and wellness, personal devotion, and balancing family and ministry.



PreacherWoman will host a biennial women’s retreat in order to afford women with an opportunity to experience uninterrupted time with the Lord in a spiritually healthy environment with like-minded women.



PreacherWoman will occasionally host fun fellowships for our partnering sisters to participate such as bowling, swimming, tennis, ladies tea, luncheons, etc.



PreacherWoman will host a ‘for women only’ biennial conference/revival where women will have condensed yet targeted time for refreshing and renewal.  

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