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First, there is ACHUT (the Hebrew word for sisterhood which means ‘protector that bonds and impresses’). ACHUT is for women called to the preached ministry and serve as either a senior pastor or as a co-pastor in good standing with a local church body.  


Rarified Ladies is for First Ladies (women married to Senior Pastors) who are equipped by God to soar in the unique space between the Pastor and the pews. These Ladies will be undergirded and uplifted as they unify with the sisterhood of PreacherWoman. This module is led by Pastor Cynthia Rogers, Christ Deliverance Ministries, St. Louis, MO.


Titus 2 Women is the third module. Titus 2 Women provides mentoring to Christian women who do not serve as a senior pastor or co-pastor but have accepted their call to the preaching gospel of Jesus Christ.  This module is led by Co-Pastor Stacey Mims, Barak Christian Church, Hazelwood, MO.

Yes Lord is our final unit. This component is for the woman who has said “Yes Lord, but has yet to identify her place in Christian service. We will assist you in identifying and appropriating laboring in your spiritual gifts.  This module is led by Elder Sylvia Atkins, True Fellowship Church, Madison, IL.

In all of the units, we strive to build purposeful relationships among women within the body of Christ. We purpose to spend quality time as women and to use our individual uniqueness and gifts for the advancement of Kingdom living.  See any of our leading ladies for additional information. 


Annual Partnership Fees:

ACHUT:  $150

Rarified Ladies: $150
Titus 2:  $100
Yes Lord:  $50

*Partnership Fees include:  VIP seating at all events, certification of membership, partnership pin and a special gift*



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