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Value Your Time

Some years ago, I led a seven-week sermon series titled “Destroying the Spirit of

Average.” It was taken from the book Breaking the Spirit of Average: 7 Keys to Turn

Your Average into Awesome by Joseph B. Anderson. Divided into chapters called turn

keys, the author provides instruction on seven principles that can lead to experiencing a

more satisfying, successful life, using the letters in the word “average.” During this

sermon series, it was the letter “V”’ that captured me personally, and I haven’t been able

to or wanted to break free from it since.

While studying “Value Your Time” it felt like a lightning bolt hit my spirit. Although I

moved onto other letters, it took weeks for the shivering to stop in my spirit. I mean I

would physically shiver whenever I looked at those pages. It was as if Bro. Anderson was

sitting behind a desk while I was lounging on a sofa deeply immersed in a challenging

counseling session.

This chapter forced me to see my worth. I was devaluing myself because I was expending

my treasures unwisely. Have you ever regretted doing a good thing even when you

thought it was a God thing? Well, I confess that I have been in that position more often

than I should and this chapter helped me to overcome the burden of continuing ‘doing

good’ at the sake of ‘doing God’. I discovered when I would waste time, talents and

treasure, I was misappropriating my purpose.

There was a time when I did not know how to say “no.” I have always worked hard. My

siblings and I got our strong work ethic from our mother and that ideology followed me

into adulthood. Whatever my occupation or vocation, I did it to the best of my ability. I

found great pleasure during annual reviews or evaluations. I soon learned that while I was

pleased with my awards, I was not happy with my results. I was often awarded, but the

rewards were not fulfilling. I was often exhausted, overexerted and if the project did not

advance the mission, I was thrown under the proverbial bus. However, if the project was

a success, I was often forced to share the applause with bystanders who, without any

effort and without any consultation with me, watched while I worked, and shared in the

achievement. This had happened far too many times and I had grown pretty resentful. It

was during this study that I realized that people were not my problem. I had become my

own stumbling block.

This chapter made me reflect on all of the “free” that I had given away because I put no

real value to my time, treasure or talent. People saw it. People knew it. People pimped it.

But I allowed it. I put no real value on myself or my offerings and therefore was often

exploited. Come on sisters, you too have been there (pouting my lips while tilting my

head). Although the end result of the study, “Valuing Your Time” resulted in my liberty,

initially it took me to a place of self-loathing. I had to get sick of me before healing

would begin. It became a simple process of measuring and weighing.

I would consider the value of everything before me. Did the person, place or thing add

value to my life, lead me to better, help me along my Christian journey, or assist me

advancing my Godly purpose? If the answer to any of those things was a no, I did not or

do not just quickly discard it. However, I am no longer guilty of placing a $1000

evaluation on a $5 valuation.

It is not God’s will, my sisters, for us to throw anything away that we can learn from.

Neither is it His will for us to harbor trash. We have to learn to quickly discern the value

of a thing, especially our time as it’s one of life’s commodities that will not be replaced. I

charge you to take some time and examine everything in your life and see where it should

be properly placed. Stop wasting your time on people who have too much time. Stop

wasting your time on places that will die out some time. Stop wasting your time on things

that will become irrelevant in time. Value your time and I will promise you, you will

experience a new peace in God like never before. My life has changed for the better

because of this study. I want you to enjoy the peaceful life only found in Christ. He

values your time as per II Peter 3:8, Nevertheless, do not let this one fact escape your

notice, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand

years is like one day.

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