• Overseer Mary L. Baker

Life's Choice: Chaos or Contentment?

Everyone born is on a journey that begins at birth and ends with physical death. The tombstone

holds the record of time spent on earth; the year born, a dash, and the year of expiration. God

is the creator of humankind and has set forth expectations for the life that he created. God

expects humankind to accept Jesus His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, as his Savior. He expects

humankind to give his life to Him. Why? Because of sin. The first man Adam made a choice to

disobey God, ushering sin and death into the world. A perfect sacrifice to atone for sin was

needed. Jesus is that sacrifice. Salvation entered the world through Jesus Christ. Humankind

can be reconciled back to God and have an everlasting life beyond physical death. He can be

born again of the Spirit of God. In doing so, the Holy Spirit empowers one to develop the

character of Christ. God expects man to love, trust and obey Him. In addition to His

expectations, God still allows humankind to make choices. A choice to accept Jesus and become

kingdom-minded or perish. The saved person, empowered by the Holy Spirit, can survive in the

world, above the chaos and the rudiments of sin.

Once humankind receives Jesus as His Lord and Savior, his Christian journey begins. Everyone’s

journey in the Christian life is different; yet similar. The path is different because of the choices

made daily. The journey is similar in that Jesus makes the same tools available to every

believer. These tools come from God’s tool chest…the Word. Among the tools are faith, trust,

joy, peace, contentment, love, and the Holy Spirit. These tools are available for use to the

believer to advance spiritually in the Kingdom of God by faith. The path that I, a born-again

believer has chosen to take daily involves utilizing God’s tools, especially contentment. I

learned how to be content during the chaos. I will explain the reason contentment helps me on my


Chaos in cities, states, and nations are because of sin. Discontentment occupies every space

encountered. I realized that contentment could not be found anywhere in God’s creation, or in

people, possessions, or money. Chaos is complete disorder and confusion. In the early years of

my Christian journey, I had peace with God but had not spiritually grown in knowledge to know

that searching for meaning in a thing was never meant to satisfy. True satisfaction comes from

God. In the season of learning this truth, my life was tested, full of swift transition -

insurmountable issues in family, finances, job, health, and ministry. The word of God was my

encourager, my strength, and present help when I needed it. I decided to make a conscious

choice, to take this tool of contentment and learn every scripture related to contentment. God’s

Word will not return unto him void. As I sowed the Word, the teachings, Bible classes, and

preached Word all manifested in my life. The Word lifted me in knowledge to know that my

conviction in Jesus was to govern my sense of contentment. The conviction to know that

Christ’s power, purpose, and provision is sufficient over every circumstance that tries to raise

doubt and bring depression.

Today, I encourage you to take hold of a truth that will never change, GOD LOVES YOU and

wants you to be content. I hope on your Christian journey you will daily take tools out of God’s

tool chest to use as you start the day. In a world of sin, corruption, and chaos, I highly

recommend your use of God’s tool, contentment. Contentment is that state of being mentally

and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep you strong in the

face of any discord or stress. Nothing like sitting in comfort and knowing that God is with you,

no matter what is going on around you. Remember the “The Serenity Prayer?” Contentment is

in there. Let’s say it together, “Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

courage to change the things that I can change, and wisdom to know the difference.” I love

you 2 life.

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