• Pastor Wilma Walker

Embrace the Old Way

With eleven (11) children, my Dad didn’t have many luxuries; however, there was one he would never deny himself of. It was that Sunday Cadillac! Through the years, we would watch them being switched out and then wait to see what new color would turn in the driveway. Our first ride (of course we had to take turns) and smelling that aroma of leather is still well remembered. He said, “There’s nothing like a Cadi-Cat.” They were strong, built to last… made of the good stuff! We believed him and made sure, while in the yard playing around it, that we dodged the two big silver bullets in the front bumper and spikes in the rear back that could seriously hurt you - running past too close!!

As it happens with time, Dad’s last car aged, but I had a brand new one. Against his age-old advice, I chose a sleek white w/orange stripe Firebird! Pulling next to his was no comparison to me with beauty! However, the oddest thing happened one day while visiting. I accidentally backed in too fast and damaged my rear. The cute spoiler on top ripped and turned out to be nothing more than threads of fiberglass, the bumper bent in like rubber. Dad’s was unmovable! Mine was shiny and pretty, his was “made of the good stuff!”

This memory reminded me of this pandemic and God’s Body of Believers. As horrific as it has been, and as hard as it has been, there are so many lessons and treasures hidden within these days of isolation to get us transformed into the “good stuff”. Days of pressure that cause the true revealing of who you are and what you’re made of – steel or fiberglass. What’s coming out at the pressing? Authentic worship created even outside of the pew and praise at midnight? A prayer life unaltered by a crowd and travails under His unction? Messages stimulated by the Spirit and not the calendar? Intimacy with God in the core of the heart and commitment to the Word despite situational outcomes of COVID-19, death, and grief? Fiberglass or steel.

My car crumpled like paper. Dad’s old car was old but was made of the stuff that sustained. Jeremiah 6:16 is an encouragement to embrace and inquire of ways that may seem outdated but guides the soul to the pure things of God. [Thus, saith the Lord, stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way and walk therein and ye shall find rest for your souls.] Obviously, the “new thing” is not always better, but His way is perfect. I submit that the old outdated things will bring much strength to us in this hour:

· Meeting Him in the cool of the day. (Gen. 3:8) Not just for a brief devotional, but enjoying the connection that happens in the Spirit, when time is allowed for communion. “That powerful exchange!”

· Meditating upon His Word (Joshua 1:8) that the mind is transformed and renewed and we begin to process and think Kingdom like Him.

· Fasting not just for 21 days but developing of a fasted lifestyle (Isaiah 58). That results will be seen - yokes broken, the oppressed go free, bands of wickedness loosed.

Be encouraged in the days ahead. We don’t know how long before the pandemic’s end, but we can experience and learn from each lesson given to the Church in the meantime. Day-by-day, He is placing in us the Word that is like steel, unmovable, unchanging, and able to sustain the Church to the end. We’re in His hand and our best days are ahead!

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