• Pastor CeCe McCoo

2022: The Year of Excellence

Well, we made it out of 2021. Unfortunately, the problems, concerns, issues, and circumstances followed us into 2022. New year, new you huh? While we hoped the new year would bring relief, instead it brought Omicron! Omicron did not bring respite with him (notice I used the masculine pronoun because a female would not be so cruel), but rather more isolation, masks, distancing, and uncertainty. In these times, we can still be certain of one thing, God is sovereign, and His will must be done regardless and that is where you will find the women of PreacherWoman. We must be found doing the will of our Father.

What does our holy God expect from His daughters during this time filled with ambiguity and insecurity? The answer remains the same as it did pre-COVID and pre-Omicron. He expects what He deserves, everything. Unlike the world, God’s standards do NOT and have NOT changed. As He has given His all for and to us, so then is He expecting all from His children. What good parent does not sow seeds into their children and does not expect a great harvest? Our Father, who is rich in houses and land, is not looking for things, just like that of great parents. He wants our hearts, and He wants our lives. He does want us to prosper and have great success. Great success is not measured in handbags and shoes, but how enduring hardships and suffering as good soldiers, that pleases Him. We are His greatest investment, and He expects a profit.

This year will be pivotal to the mission and vision of PreacherWoman. God has blessed us to continue launching chapters around the country. Without intentionally praying the prayer of Jabez, God is enlarging our territory and we all know, to whom much is given, much is required. There is so much to do because there is so much to be. Because we know, He expects us to do and then, only then, will we become. Once we know His word and put His word into action, we then may be the only bible (or the first bible) many people will read. We are living in a time when our words and deed must be identical. We can’t just talk Jesus and He is not seen in our lives.

This is the season where wisdom is needed and required. There are some no’s coming out of your mouth that you do not expect to say. Many of us are guilty of putting ourselves in last place, but this is the season where the last must become first. You can no longer deny yourself for the sake of those who constantly make you optional. You must be strong enough to say NO and say so without explanation. No double-minded living. No hidden agendas. In the words of my dear sister, Apostle Ariette Murray, it’s “God or nothing!”

Sisters, God is entrusting us with expansion, and we must take the assignment seriously. We cannot drag our feet and we will not hang our heads in defeat or exhaustion. Our gifts and talents are without repentance, so we unite to be sisterly support in every area of our lives. We will not allow this season to slow down the progress we have made as we are blessed to survive, and for some of us thrive, in such a barren period. We will meet new sisters and involve new sisters and engage new sisters and embrace (well, elbow bump) new sisters, support new sisters, encourage new sisters, and edify new sisters. Sisters from around the world. Our 2020 is made excellence in service to each other!

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