• Dr. Ednorletha Long

Is Divinely Inspired Vision Motivating Your Passion?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Divinely inspired vision is defined as the illumination of the Word and will of God to an individual by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Vision is the instrument of divine communication that causes one to understand the will and plan of God for an individual or people group. Vision inspired by the Holy Spirit will always be God-centered truth and grace driven.

In the year that King Uzziah died, Isaiah received a vision from the Lord. Isaiah saw the glory of God, and after the completion of God’s sanctifying work on his heart and mouth, Isaiah was commissioned to declare God’s Word to a people group (see Isaiah 6:1-13).

Act 9:3-4 records that Saul of Tarsus, while traveling on the road to Damascus, received a vision in which he was confronted by the resurrected Lord. In this vision, Saul was given a revelation of truth that changed the course of his life from fighting against God to entering into the plan and purpose of God for his life. Saul’s life became God-centered truth and grace driven.

In each of these encounters, divinely inspired vision was the vehicle used to bring correction and usher the individual into God-centered truth and a grace-driven lifestyle. Throughout the Bible, we find others like Abram, Joseph, Moses, and the list goes on. All of these were prompted to action by divinely inspired vision. However, the Bible also records another force that moves the heart of humankind to action, and that force is called ambition. The fruit of ambition produces a lifestyle that glorifies humankind—not God.

Genesis 11:1-4 records a people driven by the force of ambition. Their passion was to build a monument to their greatness. No part of their plan glorified God; thus, God intervened and stopped their progress. The story of the Tower of Babel contains a vital foundational lesson about the power of unity, and that is, nothing is impossible for unity to accomplish. It is because of that foundational lesson that we need to check the passion of our hearts, and make sure the heart is motivated by divinely inspired vision and not by the force of ambition. Our passion and purpose in life should always be rooted and grounded in inspiration from the Holy Spirit least we also create our own Tower of Babel.

God’s grace be upon you.

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