• Pastor Wilma Walker

A Love Story

When I think of His love for me, when I think of His love for you, such a clearer picture evolves to depict the warfare of a genuine story. One force against another to determine the eternal destiny of my soul. Today, I’m so grateful for the victory at Calvary. Although the price was great, His love for us was His strength and joy (Heb. 12:2). He’s in love and He fought – refusing to let us go! Because He is “Love” and His heart was full, He sent His best to prove to us just how much He cares and how important we are to Him. “He actually came for us!” With full intent and compassion beyond our comprehension, He gave His all (His Son, Jesus) to free the pathway for us to love Him back. We are more than just creatures created – we are “A Love Story”!

Experiencing the beauty of His love is amazing. Being born-again was a supernatural miracle! Now being allowed to step in high-heavenly places from the earth, enveloped in a glory that confounds the mind, able to communicate with the Creator of the Universe…! Truly, the joy of this “Love” is unspeakable! Having the power of His Word to not just be spoken, but active, alive, and changing us literally into “another”! Oh, how He loves us!!

However, lest we forget, our enemy (the devil who lost), he should be continuously hated and watched! He is an evil thing daily lurking with hopes to weary the heart, separate the unity, and gain passions from us once more. He’s like an old bitter lover who is oh-so jealous of us! No doubt he remembers the affections felt during worship to the Father – the warmth of being so close to the throne… later to be rejected without any possibility of regaining access to God’s heart again. Now sitting afar and watching bitterly our displayed love and affection with Christ. Our authentic praise and worship services drive him mad. This sight is an unimaginable torment to him. He is worse than an old disgruntled employee, disillusioned from reality that “nothing will separate us from the love of God” (Rom. 8:35)!

In the spirit, he grits and grinds every time we stay in love despite his efforts to discredit Gods faithfulness and commitment to us. We must know and realize that he will never get over this thing and will never stop trying to destroy our marriage to the Lord. So, draw closer every moment Jesus is on your mind. Enjoy His love towards you. Touch Him every time He makes His presence known, and freely honor Him (in the face of your enemy). Drink of His Word, bask in the sweet communion of the Holy Ghost, remain attached and engaged to His heart. He died to keep us there!

Christ has won! We are “His Love Story”. A story always under attack, and always will be until He comes for us… His bride!

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