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Rejecting F.E.A.R. (Faith Extinguished and Removed)

And he also says, “My righteous ones will live from my faith. But if fear holds them back, my soul is not content with them!”(Hebrews 10:38, The Passion Translation).

As I write this article, I am reflecting on 50 years of walking with the Lord. It was the summer before my 16th birthday. The entire experience was a step of faith. Faith to believe that Jesus would save me and that He could change me. It took faith for me to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit and to believe that He would empower me to live a victorious lifestyle. In these two areas, my faith has been consistent. Never once have I doubted that I am saved and filled with the Holy Spirit!

Over these 50 years I have been blessed with many opportunities for my faith to grow in other areas. This is where I have faced some of my greatest challenges but also learned some valuable lessons. It is during these times when I have learned that faith is designed to grow and go. It is just the nature of faith to move, to do something. Faith produces the promises of God when you put it in action!!

So on my 50th anniversary of walking with the Lord, I would like to share one of my faith experiences and what Holy Spirit taught me in the process.

As a pastor and preacher, my faith walk is always on exhibition. I am expected to practice what I preach. I preach by faith and I preach faith to my congregation regularly. Not just with words, but with actions and testimonies to follow. When I am fired up, the words of faith flow so freely out of my mouth. I feel like a giant slayer, ninja warrior, and gladiator all rolled up into one. The congregation is cheering me on as their faith is being ignited as well. In that moment there is NOTHING that we cannot do!!

But what happens when you must face the opposite of what you have declared? What happens when what you have said does not match what you see? What happens when the fire dies down?

This happened to me a few of months ago. I had just finished one of my faith-building sermons. Everyone was on fire as Holy Spirit helped me to deliver the word of God with power.

In the crowd and in the atmosphere nothing could shake my faith. But as I was riding home alone the devil began to speak words of “fact” to me that caused me to question the words of “faith” that I had just preached. You see, at this particular time we were believing the Lord for some property and certain things had to take place in order for it to happen.

There was a deadline attached to it, as well. Suddenly, I felt fear and dread attempt to enter my heart as I was reminded that none of what we needed looked promising. My faith in what God can do had quickly shifted to my fear of what we could not do. What was happening here?

It was at this moment that Holy Spirit began to enlighten the eyes of my understanding. He gave me a new definition for fear…





This is exactly what was happening to me. I went from being fired up in faith, believing that God would do what we were believing Him for, to literally thinking it best to abandon the entire project for fear that it had more potential to not happen than the other way around. As Holy Spirit was speaking to me, I literally felt the power of Hebrews 10:38 actively being addressed in my spirit.

38 And he also says,[a]

“My righteous ones will live from my faith.[b] But if fear holds them back,[c] my soul is not content with them!”

I had to make a choice and I had to make it quickly. Would I continue to stand in faith or would I allow fear to extinguish it? If I allowed fear to hold me back, God would not be pleased. If I continued in faith, God would have the opportunity to do everything that He had promised!

I chose to give God the opportunity to deliver on His promise…and He did!!!!

We have the property to prove it!!!!!

I don’t know what you are believing God for. Whatever it is, I encourage you to continue your walk of faith. Keep moving in the direction of your desires as you continue to speak words of faith. Reject facts that war against your faith! Receive the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to stand!!!

Don’t ever let fear win!!!

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