• Pastor Wilma Walker

Positioned by His Hand

I don’t understand why, but often after prayer I find myself in pictures and memories of my past. This morning I remembered the 250-piece puzzle. Dad and Mom used to buy us toys all year and the day she handed us that box, I knew we would be hovering over that table for hours. My sister and I went at it – like studying a hard game of chess. Time meant nothing. We were serious, determined, and quiet!

As hard as I tried, Maloney kept speaking out “Wilma, it won’t go there!” I soon found out that some of the pieces looked like they would fit, some were colored like they would fit, and in frustration, I wanted to squeeze and MAKE some fit; however, each individual piece absolutely had to fit somewhere specific if we wanted to eventually enjoy this wonderful, colorful, picture on that cardboard box.

God’s positioning of our lives is quite similar. Life would be less complex if we stop struggling to make our plans fit in places not already designed in His plan!

If we believe what we read (in His Word) and believe God is who He says He is, that He is truly The Great Creator (alive and watching - attending to the ultimate plan of this big old universe), then the truth is... our lives are in His hand, like a puzzle piece fitting in its proper place. Born when you should be born, living in an assigned generation, gifted and connected within a specific family, and shaped to fit within a Master Plan!

Positioned like me and Mal, His eye too is hovering over us every day, serious, determined, and often quiet! So, be thankful that you are shaped like you’re shaped and being maneuvered around by His hand to be positions ONLY “right there”. Some days (through trials/tests) your life may seem as if it’s uncontrollably shifting. It’s okay! He’s just allowing you to be repositioned... getting you to the place where you’ve been created to fit best!

It’s encouraging to me and I pray for you too, to know that eventually the final picture will appear after His hand is done placing us where we should be. Jeremiah 29:11 (King James Version) - For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

The “end”? A beautiful picture He’s created in His plans for me and you! Be Encouraged,

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