• Lady Linda Holloway

Preacher Woman

Who is this PreacherWoman? She is a woman called by GOD to preach, teach and lead by example the love and saving power of Jesus Christ our Lord.

She has accepted the calling upon her life to embrace the infallible WORD of GOD and to live it out at its fullest.

The PreacherWoman is equipped spiritually to minister words of deliverance, love, and power with the authority GOD has given her.

Her personal growth and development show forth wherever she goes. The Bible speaks about a Virtuous Woman who can find her? Her price is far above rubies.

The PreacherWoman takes good care of her family as she guides the home and attends to everyone’s needs. She teaches and encourages her children. She loves and adores her husband and remains faithful and true.

The PreacherWoman is always looking and seeking out for the lost soul or broken hearted. She gets great delight in helping others be restored back to the kingdom or bringing souls into the kingdom.

The PreacherWoman studies the WORD of GOD for it is a lamp unto her feet and a light unto her pathway.

When she opens her mouth, it is filled with the words of Jesus Christ. Not only does she preach and teach in the house of GOD, but, PreacherWoman will go out into the communities and share the love of the Holy Father.

She will give them food, clothing and various items to help the less fortunate get upon their feet.

The PreacherWoman is equipped to educate our young mothers, young fathers, boys and girls to go the right way. She enlightens them on the things that they did not know and enhance those things through words of encouragement to empower them to go do the things they do know.

In her community she is busy maintaining good citizenship among her neighbors. She is diligent in being her brothers’ keeper. She is alert and seeks to bring unity in her neighborhood.

I feel the PreacherWoman organization is wonderful. Their mission is carried out in every Preaching Woman I have met. To have such a desire of love for the preacher that is in us and cause us to be honored in a special way is awesome.

The PreacherWoman is a place where there is sister to sister support. I never knew an organization like this existed.

These wonderful, gifted, and anointed PreacherWomen will continue to maintain their dedication and leadership in the ministry as they grow in doing the work of the Lord.

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