• Apostle Ariette Murray

A Heart Letter From Me to You

God’s blessings to you all!

I sat here thinking what could I possibly say to encourage you to stay strong and I thought about how the Holy Spirit encouraged me. He told me the craziest thing, He said MATURE and I thought I was already grown but maturity comes with wisdom and being grown doesn’t always mean you are mature. A lot of times we feel we are mature until trials come and we break. We need wisdom in trials so we don't waste our sufferings and miss the spiritual growth that should result from the trial. I've had some trials and each time it seemed as if I kept failing and it was because I lacked the wisdom God was trying to get to me so that I could mature, and it happens a lot in this life of ministry. You do know that in every trial there's another level of wisdom and for every level of wisdom you got to be tested and because God qualifies and justified those whom He choose, so tag you're it.

As I close be encouraged and recognize what God is doing for you, to you, and through you. Remember that the goodness of God won't allow you to be prone to the temptations of the enemy. He gives us strength to pursue. Stay in the word of God, it's what causes us to grow spiritually. Last but not least it is the Holy Ghost that keeps us from moving when God say be still. It is the Holy Ghost that we need when the enemy comes knocking. You don’t have to answer the door. Wisdom says let the Holy Ghost answer and He can handle it. For He who has the God kinda faith can call those things that be not as though they were. The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and add no sorrow. We are the daughters of the most high God.

With lots of love, Apostle Ariette Murray

Apostle Ariette Murray

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