• Elder Marilyn Parker

Trust is a Weapon!

This is a subject we are taught as soon as we accept salvation that you must trust in God. If you have no trust, you will limit God. If you have no trust, your Christian walk will not be what it should! Most of all, if you do not study the Word of God and nourish, develop, and sow time in your relationship with God, you will not have trust. Serving God in ministries will not develop trust. I want to be very clear, serving people will not build trust in God! Trust is birthed out of relationship. Relationship that brings forth this powerful weapon of trust is going to be one-on- one time spent with God. Trust comes from spending time with the Lord, one-on-one time in bible study and prayer (conversation with God). Trust should be automatic; as soon as you say the prayer of repentance trust should hit us ...because He is worthy and all that we need. But you have to know God to have the level of trust required for Him to truly be God in your life. Trust is a powerful weapon that we must possess!

Why I Say Trust is a Weapon.

Trust is a weapon because it covers you; it hides you in times of trouble. I encourage you to read all of Psalms 91, especially verses 1-2. They are, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.”

There will be challenges and life calamities that you will face, but when you trust in the Lord you have a savior from everything! When true calamities come, you must have real trust. Yes, it can be shallow trust. Shallow trust causes you to have worry, doubt, and fear and to tremble when every weapon of destruction is sent against you. But even with shallow trust you know your God is greater than your troubles.

This trust gives you boldness and courage in your God and in the situation! No matter what the situation, God is a very present, instant, help! You can come to Jehovah our God right away. Your trust in Him (and yes, He knows if you trust in Him) will cause Him to deliver you.

Strategically Build Trust.

This weapon (trust) must stay sharp. You must stay in your Word and in prayer daily and your trust will increase. We will not go to the Father sincerely when calamity hits with trust and believe with our whole being without our personal time spent with Him. We must be intentional about knowing our God more and more. Prayer time throughout the day should be as important as checking our notifications, messages and voicemails! We can find God’s Word on FaceBook live, periscope, television, and in Christian books and magazines. God has the best answer for everything in our lives, so personal bible study is important. If we keep Him central in our lives, we will intentionally trust in the Lord with our whole heart. We must strategically build trust in God.

The Spoils of War for Trusting God.

Psalm 91 makes it clear that there are rewards for trusting God. Several of them are:

  • Sheltered by the God who is above all gods - verse 1.

  • Rescued from every trap and protected from the fatal plague - verse 3.

  • His angels ordered to protect you wherever you go - verse 11.

  • He will satisfy you with a full life and give you His salvation - verse 16. Use your weapon of trust and see God move on your behalf.

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