• Overseer Mary L. Baker

Saved, Set Free, Serve

Oppressed – a sense of being weighed down – in body and mind; dire straits – a bad situation, difficult to fix.

Solution: (Ephesians 12:2) Be ye transformed…

We need help! Who will save us from the destructive human behavior that has engulfed our society? Can you hear the silent and unspoken words through our cries:

 on municipal, state and national levels,  in colleges and universities,  and on private streets?

Wherever we live and labor, there is unrest and discontent. Evil attitudes have been allowed to grow unnoticed and unchecked. We are the oppressed people in the United States of America. We are wrestling against spiritual wickedness in high places that finances narcotics and pharmaceuticals in a death-peddling industry; designed to steal from us, kill us, and ultimately destroy us.

This spiritual wickedness is crippling and slaying our youth, fathers and mothers – physically, morally, and spiritually. The prince of the power of the air is Satan, the captain who controls corruption. The silent, unspoken words through our cries have gone unheard and now we are taken captive to oppression.

Opportunity – A chance for progress Solution: (Isaiah 55:11) My word shall not return to me void…

The opportunity to be saved and set free from oppression is through the redemptive work on the cross by Jesus Christ. When we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are born again of the Spirit of God. Every born again believer has received the mandate from Jesus to GO win other souls for His Kingdom. (Mt. 28:19)

Outcome – follows as the consequence – to serve God Solution: (John 12:26) If any man serves me… (Mt. 25:31- 40) In as much as you have done it to the least…

We understand that people are oppressed. We know that our charge from God is the opportunity to GO witness to a dying world:  on our jobs,  in the stores,  in their cars,  and everywhere we go.

A silent and unspoken cry for help is staring us in the face! The reality is that Christianity tends to become self-focused and self-absorbed. We are, in a sense, all about us. We want to pile up more blessings on our already loaded plate. We plan and expect programs to meet our needs, a place where we feel comfortable, church the way we like it. It is not that those practical issues of followers of Christ are not important. It is just that they are not life or death issues. Rescuing the spiritually dying is life – or - death.

I am reminded of a story in a book by Walter Lord (1955) where he writes memoirs by survivors of the Titanic. He uses the symbolism of lost innocence and the death of a small town. The Titanic was as big and carried as many people as the small town populated.

Then there was the movie version that told what happened after the Titanic sunk. There were only twenty life boats aboard – about half of what was required to evacuate the ship. Most of the life boats were only partially full. As the Titanic was sinking many passengers were able to put on life jackets, but could not find an available life boat. They jumped or fell into the cold ocean, crying out for help. There was room in the life boat for hundreds of people, but 1,500 people died. Out of the twenty life boats rowing away from the cries of the dying people, only one life boat finally turned back in time to save only six passengers. Three days later, the funeral ships arrived and found 328 men, women and children wearing life jackets, floating in the water frozen to death. Why did they die? Not because the Titanic sank, but because the people who were already saved, did not want to risk their lives and go back for the people who were not saved.

Does this sound like some of us? It is by God’s grace that we are saved, headed for heaven. All around us are people who will die spiritually unless someone rescues

them. Many of these people are our own relatives, people we love. We see them dying in their sin. Will we risk the chance to give them a chance to live forever? We hear the cries of the oppressed. Jesus Christ gave us His TRUTH to give to a dying world. He is relying on us to be the salt and the light. The outcome of our witness is guaranteed in Him. The Holy Spirit is our keeper, comforter, and teacher and guides us into all truth. The Apostle Paul issues a challenge for us to live boldly for Christ and those Christ died for. He says that Christ “died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves” (2 Corinthians 5:15).

We are saved and set free to serve in God’s Kingdom.

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